What costs are involved to participate?
Activity Description Summary Responsibility
Developing Snapshot Survey Questions We have developed a set of questions for the survey. However, Your Educational Organization will want to add about half the questions (10) that address Your Educational Organization-specific issues. Your Educational Organization Your Educational Organization will need to bear the cost of Your Educational Organization-specific question development. This amounts to having a leader bring a few folks together, via a conference call, and iterating over about a week, to get the questions straight.
Advertising Snapshot Survey Event


Flyers , mailings, radio spots, news paper ads, etc will need to be used to spread the word about the survey event.


Your Educational Organization


Your Educational Organization will need to bear the cost of advertising the event.


Creating Your Snapshot Survey website


The website for your Snapshot Survey needs to have (1) an engaging homepage, (2) easy-to-read and easy-to-use survey questions.


SSS team


The Snapshot Survey team will bear the total cost of creating the website.


Administering the Snapshot Survey (Web hosting)


Your Educational Organization Snapshot Survey needs to be hosted on servers capable of handing the load.


SSS team


Your Educational Organization Snapshot Survey will be hosted on servers at the University of Michigan. Sun Microsystems has agreed to provide the servers.


Administering the Snapshot Survey (Assisting survey takers)


During the Snapshot Survey event, invariably questions arise (e.g., "how do I configure my browser?Ó) and glitches arise (e.g., server outage).


Your Educational Organization &

SSS team


Your Educational Organization will need to identify a small number (5 or less) of individuals who will be available via email and phone to answer questions, and who can serve as liaison to the Snapshot Survey team


Analyzing Data


At the conclusion of the survey, statistical analyses of the study will need to be applied to the survey data.


Your Educational Organization &

SSS team


The Snapshot Survey team will provide basic analyses. However, Your Educational Organization may well want to carry out its own analyses.


Note: The Snapshot Survey Team is made up faculty from education and computer science from the University of Michigan, the University of Nebraska/Omaha and the University of North Texas. Funding for this project is provided, in part, from a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, monitored by the North Central Regional Education Lab.

What other states have participated in the survey?

The state of Nebraska conducted a Snapshot Survey in February 2000. We have also contracted with a major national publication, Education Leadership, to conduct a Snapshot Survey for them in April 2000. EL has a readership of 150,000.  We are in discussions with several other states and major national publications about creating Snapshot Surveys for them in the Fall of 2000.

Is there a possibility for a follow-up on an annual or bi-annual basis to identify trends?

Absolutely! We feel that the Snapshot Survey is precisely the right technology to use to repeatedly tap into the voice of the practicing educators and identify trends. Annual or bi-annual surveying would be just fine. For the next round of surveying, at least, the SSS Team will provide this service for the costs outlined above.

Can the data be broken down by region or statewide only?

The data can be broken down to as fine a grain as Your Educational Organization desires. In the Nebraska survey, the finest grain was the žeducational service unit,Ó which are major regions in the state. However, we can ask survey-takers to select from a list of more specific locations, e.g., schools, towns, etc.

Who is responsible for interpreting the date and reporting it out?

The SSS Team, as identified above, will carry out statistical analyses of the survey data. For example, go to: http://snapshotsurvey.org/ to read the major reports that have come out so far from the Nebraska study. The SSS Team will report the data in academic journals and trade magazines (e.g., Technology and Learning Magazine, the Science Teacher Magazine). However, Your Educational Organization can carry out additional statistical analyses and it can put out reports as it sees fit, e.g., press releases, reports posted on the Your Educational Organization website, etc.

Is there a Your Educational Organization exclusive rights to the reporting data?

Both Your Educational Organization and the SSS Team will have co-equal rights to the data. Your Educational Organization can publish findings independent of the SSS Team. (We ask only that an acknowledgement to the SSS Team be placed in those publications.) And likewise, the SSS Team can publish findings independent of Your Educational Organization (with an acknowledgement to the appropriate groups in Your Educational Organization).

Do you see a parent and/or student surveys coming out in the future?

We stand ready to work with you to create student and parent surveys! Yes, the Snapshot Survey technology is readily adaptable to surveying children and parents.




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